Space Event 2022 at Artis Amsterdam

By Bexperience

Outreach Event
Space Event 2022


At 18:00
At 22:45


– Organiser: Bexperience
– Condition to participate: Invitation only
– Language: English
– Virtual or in-person: In-person

On 20 December 2022, the Space Event 2022 will be held at Artis Zoo in Amsterdam, with special guests from the Netherlands and the rest of the space world. The event is hosted by Bexperience of Pieter van Beekhuizen.

The human exploration programs traditionally funded by space agencies will see this decade a progressive evolution towards a combination of institutional programs and commercially funded programs.  The human exploration activities and the research conducted in the International Space Stations (ISS) will be complemented by a number of commercially operated space stations.

Special guest speakers

In April 2022,  Eytan Stibbe flew as the second Israeli astronaut to the ISS on board the AX-1 mission, operated by AXIOM.  He will tell a fascinating and moving story on his mission Rakia-1.   

The AXIOM company and its plans for the future in-orbit infrastructure will be presented by Tejpaul Bhatia. This presentation will show us how the in-orbit infrastructure will evolve over the next few years, paying the way for commercially operated transport to space and the use of space laboratories and facilities.

The next major European project ‘Susie’ (Smart Upper Stage for Innovative Exploration) for which feasibility studies will be proposed in the near future, will be presented by Joost van Tooren – project manager of ArianeGroup.  This super exciting program is based on the Ariane 6 launcher adapted with a reusable upper stage for human and cargo transportation to space.

Bernardo Patti, ISS and Exploration Programme Manager at the European Space Agency, will provide a detailed insight into the Terra Novae 2030 program with the many exploration activities that ESA is conducting or has planned in our Solar System, from the International Space Station to the Moon with the European Service Module and lunar Gateway modules for Artemis, and on to Mars with the Mars Sample Return campaign.

Panel Discussion

​A panel discussion with the four presenters will give a fascinating overview of the transition process from traditional astronaut activities to the new frontiers and possibilities created by the combination of institutional and commercial players. The panel discussion will be co-moderated by Angelique van Ombergen and Pieter van Beekhuizen.