PLNT Space Panel Fall Edition


Outreach Event


At 18:30
At 20:00


– Organiser: PLNT
– Language: English
– Virtual or in-person: In-person

What is the impact of space tech on our daily lives in ways we don’t realize? Take this opportunity to think outside the box and meet like-minded people!

Have you ever wondered where the future of space is going? Join fellow students and young entrepreneurs as we explore how space technology affects our everyday lives and think of creative uses for the technology we have today!

During this panel, we will hear about the journey of young space startups, dive into new research with a Leiden observatory professor, and explore future technologies with entrepreneurs. Between presentations, we will have time to reflect on our insights and ask questions to the panellists. Afterwards, have a drink and continue your conversations.


Matthew Kenworthy – Associate professor of instrument design 

Born and raised in Epsom on the outskirts of London, Matthew Kenworthy received his PhD in Astronomical Instrumentation from the University of Cambridge in 1999. He worked in the USA until moving to Leiden Observatory in 2010, where he is currently an Associate Professor. He specializes in taking photos of giant planets orbiting around nearby stars and is interested in building special optics that help astronomers take better images of them.

Pierre Blanchet – Co-founder of Meteory

Pierre Blanchet is a co-founder of Meteory, an aeronautic engineer and a data scientist. After living in 4 European countries and trying a few jobs, Pierre decided to use his skills in data science to do something positive for the planet. Which has become possible thanks to satellite data.

Meteory makes environmental data accessible to decision-makers, in the public and private sectors. We help them plan and assess their transition toward a greener future. You can’t manage what you can’t measure, and Meteory aims to measure it all.