LDE NL Space Campus Summer School

By LDE, NL Space Campus

Training Course


Noordwijk ,


– Organiser: LDE, NL Space Campus
– Language: English
– Virtual or in-person: In-person

LDE NL Space Campus Summer School provides a hands-on experience in the Dutch space sector. This 7-day programme introduces participants to space organisations like ESA ESTEC, Westend, TNO, Demcon, S[&]T, SRON, and Airbus, helping students understand the basics of space topics and recent developments.

Beyond space topics, the Space Summer School emphasises personal growth through team-building exercises, workshops, and collaborative activities. These activities enhance crucial skills like communication and creative thinking, which are very important aspects of the space industry. Networking events and company visits, including a closing barbecue, provide unique chances to connect.

Participants can network with peers from diverse academic backgrounds and engage with industry professionals, expanding their networks. This programme welcomes both bachelor’s and master’s students from Dutch and international universities without any prior knowledge of space topics.

Working within interdisciplinary teams of individuals with backgrounds in marketing, instrumentation, science, law, engineering, business, and more, students undertake projects throughout the week guided by space experts. At the week’s conclusion, teams present their innovative solutions to their client.

The LDE NL Space Campus Summer School has a website with practical information about the programme and the link to register. Participants can explore highlights from past editions and find practical details for the current programme, as well as how to register.