KCEO Stakeholder Workshop on Biodiversity and Earth Observation

By European Comission





– Organiser: European Comission
– Language: English
– Virtual or in-person: Virtual

The KCEO aims to maximize the uptake of products and information from Earth Observation (EO) to support EU Policies and to establish best practices to translate EU policy needs into concrete requirements for EO products and services. It also aims to provide a Forum for dialogue with the technical implementing entities associated with Copernicus and raise awareness on next-generation EO science and associated technologies to enhance the exploitation of EO throughout the policy cycle.   

The KCEO is currently running a deep dive assessment on biodiversity, analysing EU policy needs in the biodiversity domain with the ambition to verify how and to what extent existing EO products and services meet these needs, highlight existing gaps and provide recommendations on future evolution of products and services. 

The workshop will present the findings of the deep dive assessment and will bring together representatives from Copernicus Entrusted Entities and Partners, EU Member States institutions and agencies, the research community and the private sector.  

Panel discussions will develop around which EO products and applications are available from Copernicus to support EU policy needs regarding biodiversity, but also what existing technologies and opportunities are available outside Copernicus to address those needs. 

Online attendance is open to all interested participants upon registration.

Connection details will be sent to registered participants only, registration will close on 9/11/2022.