Innovation for Rip Currents: Stakeholder and End-User Workshop

By dotSPACE, METIP, Water Insight



At 12:00
At 14:30
Den Helder,
The Netherlands


– Organiser: dotSPACE, METIP, Water Insight
– Condition to participate: Pre-registration required
– Language: English
– Virtual or in-person: In-person

Thousands of beach users worldwide drown every year as a result of rip currents. In Noord-Holland Noord, rip currents are being mapped with drones. The MUI-SAT project aims to support drone activities and further rescue activities with risk maps derived from AI from satellite images. These maps show where there is a potential risk of rip currents.

METIP, Water Insight and dotSPACE invite you to our stakeholder/ end-user workshop to discuss the innovation and development of AI and satellite remote sensing technologies to monitor rip currents.

The story so far

Currently and in the past, there have been experiments with recognising rip currents using cameras and drones along the coast. Under the working title “Safe coastal, beach and dune tourism”, a pilot project as an initiative of METIP collaborating with DroneQ and the Dutch Rescue Brigade Den Helder, was launched in the Kop van Noord-Holland, the Netherlands, to investigate how drones can be used to recognize rip currents and to locate drowning people. The new MUI-SAT project aims to support beach safety with risk maps derived from AI from satellite images.

Who is involved

dotSPACE: The connector between technology and policy. Responsible for stakeholder contracts, market research and communication.

METIP: Drone specialists with the latest and emerging technologies deployed for marine applications.

Water Insight: The coordinator of the MUI-SAT project and responsible for the technical activities.  A successful record in water remote sensing.

Why do we want you

Rip currents account for 65% to 80% of the thousands of fatal and non-fatal coastal drownings worldwide each year. But these incidents cannot be avoided unless rip current data is supplied to end-users! 

Governmental authorities, rescue services, tourism stakeholders, researchers and all interested in rip currents, come and talk to us! The workshop is open to all, please register via the link. If you cannot make it in-person, please reach out for remote collaboration. We look forward to seeing you!

Register here!

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