2022 EuropaBON Conference in collaboration with Biodiversa+

By EuropaBON, Biodiversa+



At 09:00
At 19:00
Havenlaan 88, 1000 Brussels,


– Organiser: EuropaBON, Biodiversa+
– Language: English
– Virtual or in-person: In-person

Shaping the future European biodiversity monitoring framework

EuropaBON is partnering with Biodiversa+ for the organisation of this stakeholder conference to bring together the wider biodiversity monitoring community. This event will provide the opportunity for a range of participants from academia, policymaking, NGOs, government and the private sector to get updates, meet and exchange. In particular, all participants will have the opportunity to draft and discuss tasks and modes of implementation of a future European biodiversity monitoring centre.

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In the morning, invited talks and panel discussions will shed light on the use of biodiversity information in decision-making, related challenges as well as good practices. This will cover a range of perspectives from public policy, member states, the private sector, non-governmental organisations, and academia. The afternoon will be divided into two parallel sessions. One session will focus on shaping the future European biodiversity monitoring centre, the other will focus on private sector perspectives.

  • Shaping the future European biodiversity monitoring centre: In this session, EuropaBON will facilitate discussions on the design, tasks and modes of implementation of a future European biodiversity monitoring centre. We invite all participants to discuss these in focused group in-person and online sessions. At the end of 2023, EuropaBON will submit a set of proposals for a European-wide biodiversity monitoring centre to the European Commission. This stakeholder conference serves as an initial starting point to discuss these proposals and will allow consideration of participants’ feedback in their further development.
  • Private sector perspectives: Facilitated by Biodiversa+, the second session focuses on the use of biodiversity monitoring data in private-sector decision-making. This session will be upon invitation only, and not open for remote participation (closed session). It will aim at discussing the needs of the private sector to use biodiversity monitoring data, exchange best practices and discuss the benefits and opportunities of a pan-European monitoring network.

EuropaBON capitalises on scientific and technological advances to design blueprints for Europe’s tailor-made biodiversity monitoring strategy. Biodiversa+ is the new European Biodiversity Partnership supporting excellent research on biodiversity with an impact on society and policy, one of its key objectives being to promote and support transnational biodiversity monitoring in Europe – in close collaboration with EuropaBON. As part of this work, Biodiversa+ aims to reinforce the use of biodiversity monitoring data in decision-making.

Participants attending the meeting in person are cordially invited to the cocktail reception on the evening of November 8th.

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