EOcafe: IRIDE – Building a new Italian EO System




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The Italian government has embarked on an ambitious EO programme called IRIDE. With a budget from the EU recovery fund, an end-to-end system including constellations of satellites, ground segment and a suite of geospatial services, focused on the needs of the Italian Institutions, is planned to be delivered by mid of  before 2026. It may alsoprovide a new European capability complementary to the EU’s Copernicus.

ESA has been tasked, by the Government  with developing the programme in an Integrated Project Team involving also Italian Space Agency (ASI) and other relevant Institutions which will consist of a constellation of satellites (SAR, optical, multi-spectral, hyperspectral) together with an effective ground segment and a comprehensive services segment. The service segment is to be based on 8 service domains: Coastal and Marine Monitoring, Air Quality, Ground Motion, Monitoring of Land Cover/Land Use, Hydro-meteorological-climate, Water Management, Emergency and Security. These are to be accompanied by a unique entry point for the System (so called marketplace) and lead to service value chains for exploitation.

Users from government and private sectors alike are continuously consulted from the outset, regarding their data and information needs.

The programme is of interest for the European EO community as a new source of data and services. IRIDE is planned to build upon the existing capabilities of Copernicus, of the Italian existing capabilities (COSMO-SkyMed and PRIMSA) as well as those of the Eumetsat SAF as well as Destination Earth and the ESA Future EO programme. IRIDE promises to be an important part of the European landscape in the second half of this decade and should be of interest to industry and policy makers alike.

Come and learn about the programme and what it may mean for you in our EOcafe where Federica Mastracci (IRIDE Service Segment Manager in the ESA-ASI Integrated Project Team) joins our host Geoff Sawyer (EARSC Strategic Advisor and former Secretary General) to talk about this exciting project.

Some of the questions which could be addressed:

  • What will the IRIDE satellite constellations look like?
  • What data will it provide?
  • What will the services segment look like?
  • What are the programmatics for IRIDE?
  • How will IRIDE complement Copernicus (and other European programmes)?
  • Will non-Italian service providers be able to access data from IRIDE?

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