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The financial management sector is diverse and complex, requiring a large amount of data and information to be able to make informed decisions, including for investment management (e.g., asset allocation, monitoring of existing investments, etc.), risk analysis (e.g., financial, legal, security risks, etc.), insurance management (e.g., insurance contract, asset evaluation, etc.) and green finance (e.g., support to greener future, mitigation of environmental pollution and/or climate change).

Geospatial information and Earth Observation technology can help address these needs. Whether it be monitoring natural hazards to analyse investment risk or screen the feasibility of projects, detecting crop damage at farm/field level to inform insurance claims, or monitoring GHG emissions to assess the sustainability of the projects/activities funded. The data and models generated using EO/geospatial information can provide trustworthy intelligence for financial management professionals.

The ESA Best Practices “EO-FIN” project aims to gather experts from both the EO and Financial Management sectors to identify the key challenges and current/near future needs of the financial management sector, map existing EO products and solutions that could address those needs, as well as identify gaps in EO capabilities and propose a way forward.

Our next EOcafe will be co-hosted, for the first time ever, by Christopher Oligschläger (Market Analyst, EARSC) and Tanya Walker (Market Development Officer, EARSC) who will be joined by Rahman Momeni (Senior EO Project Manager, GMV), Jorge Pacios Martínez (Product Manager, GMV) and Tom Goulding (Senior Economic Consultant, London Economics), the key representatives involved in the EO-FIN project. Together, they will explore the outcomes of the EO-FIN project, the future EO capability needs and potential opportunities for the EO industry to get involved.

Tune in next Thursday, 18th April, to learn more about how Earth Observation can support the Financial Management sector. Questions that could be addressed during this EOcafe include:

  • What is the current status and role of EO in the financial management sector?What are the challenges for the financial management sector in leveraging EO?
  • What solutions can EO provide? What is the added value of EO?
  • What are the challenges and barriers for EO companies to enter the market and integrate solutions into the specific business processes?
  • Are there any successful EO applications already developed/deployed? What was a good example or best practice?
  • What are the future needs for EO in the financial management sector? What main gaps were identified?
  • What measures/actions could be implemented to support the EO downstream services industry sector interact and support the financial management sector?
  • What are the next steps?

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Please note this is a virtual event!

EOcafe is part of a series of EARSC meetings that offer timely, relevant, and practical information on a broad variety of topics related to the EO sector. Join us every two weeks to discuss and network while enjoying a cup of coffee with friends.


  • The use of a video camera is not mandatory but is encouraged to facilitate better interaction between the attendees and the guest speaker(s).
  • The EOcafe will stay open after 17:00 in case our guests want to continue the discussion.
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If you have any questions, and/or you want to know more about the EOcafe, and/or you want to share an idea about a future EOcafe, please contact Tanya Walker (tanya.walker@earsc.org).