CloudFerro Satellite Imagery Contest: Together for Blue Earth!

 CloudFerro Satellite Imagery Contest: Together for Blue Earth!

Take part in the CloudFerro contest for satellite images of water and win great prizes!

Cloudferro, the home of Creodias, invites you to join their contest “Seize the beauty of our planet” for the best satellite image of the Earth. This edition of the contest focuses on water, under the contest motto “Together for blue Earth!”

What is the contest about?

CloudFerro believes that everyone should be aware of what is happening to our water environment in order to take care of it. The goal of the contest is to support the efforts of many European and international organisations in protecting water, a valuable resource of our planet. Water protection is addressed in the EU’s Green Deal policy, in particular the Biodiversity Strategy for 2030, which was adopted by the Commission in May 2020. This strategy includes many initiatives for marine ecosystems and surface water management, that we wish to support with this contest.

The best satellite imagery, by CloudFerro

In the contest, we are looking for the best satellite images depicting either an area of ocean/deep seas or surface water or their surroundings that have been in any way affected by climate change or human impact. The images shoud be generated on one the platforms CloudFerro developed and operate:

  • CREODIAS – a European Copernicus DIAS platform commissioned by ESA that combines public cloud computing, access to a satellite image repository, and a range of applications that allow users to search, view, and process satellite products.
  • WEkEO – another European Copernicus DIAS jointly implemented by EUMETSAT, ECMWF, EEA and MERCATOR OCEAN. It provides combined access to environmental data and information from the Copernicus Sentinels and the Copernicus Monitoring Services, together with virtual environment for data processing and skilled user support.
  • CODE-DE – a German national platform for authorities and other public institutions commissioned by DLR that provides easy and efficient access to all Copernicus remote sensing data about Germany, a virtual secure working environment for processing these data and extensive information materials and trainings to support the users.
  • EO-Lab – a German platform commissioned by DLR, providing a development environment for researchers from both scientific and commercial entities, which draws upon new cloud technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) to analyse a big amount of Earth Observation data.

The best 13 images chosen in public voting (1st phase) and by a Jury (2nd phase) will be presented in the CloudFerro calendar for 2023 that will be distributed among leading institutions, companies and organisations in the Earth Observation sector.  The calendar will also be awarded to all the contest winners and participants whose images are admitted to the voting phase.

See the winning images of  2021 contest and 2020 contest.

Winner 2021: Shrinking Ice by Jarek Bajer – Ice mass between King Christian Island and Devon Island in Canada’s Arctic Archipelago. 

Why water?

Water benefits all living organisms on our planet and is vital for many sectors of the economy, like agriculture, transportation, tourism, energy, climate dynamics, cultural heritage, and more. Water is our blue treasure that needs special protection and planning for its sustainable use to preserve it for the next generations.

Let’s act together to raise the awareness of the need to protect water ecosystems and tackle today’s challenges such as water pollution, droughts, river regulations, floods, water level rise, and many more!

Satellite observations play a key role in efficient and cost effective monitoring of water resources, and remote sensing techniques prove highly beneficial in this area. The European Copernicus Earth Observation programme provides data that has many attributes, spectral and spatial ones, about oceans, seas, coastal areas, mangroves and any other water bodies. They provide us with resources for water analysis in all dimensions, from local to global and from visible to radar techniques.

How to participate?

Check out the contest website on the CloudFerro website for all requirements and a form to submit your satellite image(s).

CloudFerro satellite imagery contest website


  • The contest starts on September 26, 2022 and the entries should be submitted by October 24,  2022 in jpg format.
  • The online voting will take place from October 25, 2022 12:00 (noon) CET until October 31, 2022 12:00 (noon) CET.
  • The winners will be announced by CloudFerro at its website on November 3, 2022. In addition, each winner will be contacted by CloudFerro representatives at the email provided in the submission form.

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