Unleash Your Potential at the CASSINI Hackathon!

 Unleash Your Potential at the CASSINI Hackathon!

dotSPACE foundation and Royal HaskoningDHV are proud to be the local organisers of the 6th CASSINI Hackathon, an extraordinary event dedicated to “Space for International Development & Humanitarian Aid.”

What is the CASSINI Hackathon?

The CASSINI Hackathons & Mentoring programme is an integral part of the European Commission’s CASSINI initiative, which aims to support space entrepreneurship. This initiative consists of a series of six hackathons over three years, specifically designed to leverage space technologies in addressing global challenges. The hackathons bring together a diverse range of individuals, including young professionals, students, researchers, and entrepreneurs with interests in software, data, design, and business. By harnessing the power of earth observation data, satellite positioning technologies, and satellite communications, participants collaborate to create innovative solutions.

Unlock Your Potential

As a participant in the CASSINI Hackathon, you will have the opportunity to put your skills and knowledge to the test while working on three common challenges focused on international development and humanitarian aid:

  • the development of sustainable infrastructure, 
  • strengthening food security and providing clean water, 
  • understanding and forecasting forced migration.

 This unique event will take place simultaneously in 10 locations across Europe, creating a dynamic and collaborative environment that fosters creativity and innovation.

Local Organiser Support

At each hackathon location, a dedicated local organiser, such as dotSPACE foundation and Royal Haskoning DHV in the Netherlands, will ensure a seamless and enriching experience. As local organisers in the Netherlands, we are committed to providing comprehensive support, enabling you to make the most of this transformative event. Our team will receive a comprehensive support package to implement the hackathon effectively in our region.

CASSINI Mentoring Program

One of the highlights of the CASSINI Hackathon is the exclusive access to the CASSINI Mentoring program. The winners of each hackathon will have the opportunity to benefit from this prestigious program, which offers guidance, mentorship, and support to develop further and refine your projects.

Get Ready to Shape the Future

We invite you to be part of this exciting journey, where space technology and humanitarian efforts converge. Join us as we tackle global challenges, connect with like-minded individuals, and make a lasting impact on international development. Together, let’s shape a better future through collaboration, innovation, and the power of space technologies.

Stay updated

For all the latest about the CASSINI Hackathon, visit our dedicated page regularly. Also, visit the official website of the 6th Edition of the Cassini Hackathon.

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Kacia Rutkoŭskaja

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