Beyond Boundaries: Dive into the Big Ideas Campaign of the 6th CASSINI Hackathon

 Beyond Boundaries: Dive into the Big Ideas Campaign of the 6th CASSINI Hackathon

Get ready for a journey of innovation and creativity with the 6th CASSINI Hackathon, a place where big ideas take flight. Before the hackathon, the Big Ideas Campaign will stir your imagination and fuel your passion for space technology and global problem-solving. As a highlight, the local session in the Netherlands will uncover how space tech can be a game-changer for food security and clean water access. This article invites you on a voyage through the CASSINI Hackathon’s remarkable endeavours, with a spotlight on the Big Ideas Campaign that’s bound to excite and inspire individuals and teams alike. Prepare to engage, learn, and innovate!

About CASSINI Hackathon

The CASSINI Hackathons and Mentoring, a bi-yearly technology spectacle spanning three days, is an initiative of the European Union aligned with its space program. With over 1,000 enthusiasts participating, the event encompasses technical talks, workshops, and a gripping 48-hour coding competition. The hackathon invites a broad spectrum of individuals – students, entrepreneurs, engineers, researchers, and anyone keen on space technologies and humanitarian endeavours. The only prerequisites are that participants must be 18 or older and reside in an EU Member State, Norway, Switzerland, or Iceland. The teams competing should have at least three members, with a cap of eight members.

Big Ideas Campaign

The Big Ideas Campaign is a precursor to the Hackathon Weekend, scheduled between 9 – 19 October. This fortnight-long initiative is a golden opportunity for individuals to hone their skills and immerse in the space sector, regardless of their experience level. The campaign kicks off at 17:00 (CEST) on October 9, hosting a series of expert speakers who will elucidate on topics pivotal to the upcoming CASSINI Hackathon. The agenda is meticulously crafted to ensure a dynamic learning experience, covering a spectrum from critical infrastructure monitoring to harnessing Copernicus data for humanitarian action.

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Big Ideas Campaign: Local Session in the Netherlands

The local session in the Netherlands, which will take place on 10 October, accentuates the role of space technology in bolstering food security and clean water access. This segment explores the myriad applications of space data in monitoring extreme weather, promoting smart agriculture, and aiding humanitarian planning. A deep dive into the Dutch space applications ecosystem will identify key stakeholders and potential collaboration opportunities. The session aims to unveil the extensive potential of Earth Observation (EO) data and analytics in mitigating the impacts of extreme weather on food and water resources.

Preview: ‘Enhancing Food Security and Clean Water Access through Space Technology & An Overview of the Dutch Space Applications Ecosystem’

Date and time: 10 October, 15:00 CET


15:00 – Welcome and logistics
15:05 – Introduction to CASSINI Hackathon (by dotSPACE)
15:10 – 1st Keynote speaker from the Netherlands Space Office, Kees van Duijvendijk, Advisor Satellite Applications
15:20 – Q&A with 1st Keynote speaker
15:25 – 2nd Keynote speaker from PAX for Peace, Marie Schellens, Project Officer Geo-Information Systems (GIS)
15:35 – Q&A with 2nd Keynote speaker
15:40 – Overview of the CASSINI Entrepreneurship Initiative (by dotSPACE)
15:50 – 1-min pitch session (Open Mic)
16:00 – Closing remarks
16:00 – 16:30 – Networking and Matchmaking session

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Dimitra Stefoudi – Host

Consultant in Satellite applications dotSPACE Foundation

Kees van Duijvendijk – Keynote

Advisor Satellite Applications Netherlands Space Office

Marie Schellens – Keynote

Project Officer Geo-Information Systems (GIS)·PAX for Peace

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6th CASSINI Hackathon in the Netherlands

The 6th CASSINI Hackathon, scheduled for November 3-5, unfolds online and in Amersfoort, the Netherlands, co-organized by the dotSPACE foundation and Royal Haskoning DHV. This edition gravitates around three critical themes: sustainable infrastructure development, food security, clean water access, and understanding and forecasting forced migration. During the hackathon, participants have extensive support in team formation, project planning, mentoring, and access to pivotal development tools and datasets. Winning teams from the Netherlands stand to win a cash prize of €650, an equal donation to a humanitarian cause, and additional accolades, marking a step towards fostering a culture of innovation and humanitarianism through space technology.

FAQ: Everything You Need to Know About CASSINI Hackathon

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