Space for Ukraine, Innovations for all and Opportunities for you: Monthly recap of Groundstation.Space | March 2022 edition

 Space for Ukraine, Innovations for all and Opportunities for you: Monthly recap of Groundstation.Space | March 2022 edition

At we share daily news and insights about space data applications. In this monthly digest we present some of our most important news of the last month and the most interesting upcoming events for the next months!

Space for Ukraine

#StandWithUkraine / image credit: freepik

For well over a month now, the Ukrainian people have been resisting the invasion of Russian troops. Global support for Ukraine is expressed in a variety of ways, including the use of space data. Satellite imagery has proven to be a key source of information to inform the world about the destruction, but also proves to be a good evidence base for future war crimes investigations. 

In a series of articles Groundstation.Space follows the use of satellite data in support of the people of Ukraine, and reflects on the role of space in modern warfare. For this purpose we created a dedicated page on our website, collecting all these articles, including:

  • Which satellite operators are active (and visible) in their support of Ukraine,
  • Articles on wartime applications of satellite data technologies,
  • Personal stories of the solidarity of the space community with Ukraine.

Check out our Space for Ukraine page

Satellite Solutions for a Sustainable and Innovative World

At we are aiming to increase awareness on satellite data technologies opportunities and applications / image credit: freepik

This March Copernicus released a monthly climate bulletin reporting that Europe experienced a warmer than average February and winter, while the daily sea ice extent around Antarctica reached its lowest value on record. Earth Observation not only detects climate change, but it is also used to zoom in on more local emissions. Based on new satellites that monitor specific emissions, we looked (again) at  monitoring ship pollution from space.

The scale of satellite monitoring of our planet varies, from watching millions of hectares of forest, to zooming in to street level in cities. This high spatial resolution helps shape the smart infrastructure of our cities today, and even more so for the smart cities of the future.

Above examples prove that satellite data technology sits at the heart of modern innovation. One of our articles this month defines data driven innovation, and how to implement true innovation in your organisation.

Copernicus released monthly climate bulletin

Monitoring ships pollution from space

How satellites help cities become smart cities

Benefits of Data Driven Innovation for Local Government

Recap of Earth Observation Industry Events

Stay up to date with industry events!  / image credit: freepik

A few weeks ago, UK astronaut Tim Peake officially opened Leicester’s pioneering space research, innovation and teaching cluster at a special ceremony on Monday. We talked about the features and capabilities of Space Park Leicester in our article.

We are one of the project partners in the Water-ForCE Horizon 2020 project, that looks at Copernicus applications for anything related to water. In this context we co-organise and attend monthly webinars, which zoomed in on “Copernicus for Africa” earlier this month.

The European Association of Remote Sensing Companies (EARSC) is looking for YOUR nominations for the EARSC Awards 2022! Make sure you nominate your favorite candidate!

Space Park Leicester Open for Business

Copernicus for Africa: Opportunities for Earth Observation for Water

Nominate your favorite EO organizations for the EARSC Awards 2022

To stay updated with upcoming industry events, visit our new Events page.

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Some of those events we are sharing below

ESA Living Planet Symposium 2022 | from 23/05/2022 to 27/05/2022

EXPANDEO and FIRE Forum 2022 | from 14/06/2022 to 15/06/2022

Vytah Space Industry Conference | 15/09/2022

Contribute to the Groundstation Community

Have your say: Opportunities for you to get involved on the Groundstation platform
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Groundstation.Space is not just a news site. It aims to be a centre of activities for a vibrant community of space data users. We offer opportunities for YOU to get involved actively in our publications, events and opportunities in our industry!

You can follow our LinkedIn page and other social media channels and you can add your events to our industry events calendar. You can now also submit your content for our site, register to become an event speaker, and suggest a topic for new events that we will organise!

Learn more about all opportunities here

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