Protecting Europe’s Interests in and through Space: Join The European Space Forum 2023

 Protecting Europe’s Interests in and through Space: Join The European Space Forum 2023

In a little over two weeks, Spain will assume the Presidency of the Council of the EU. A key priority for the upcoming Presidency is strengthening the Union at a time when Europe faces unprecedented challenges. The Space sector can play a vitally important role in providing European security and building resilience.

During the first week of the new Presidency, the European Space Forum makes its highly anticipated return to Brussels on 5-6 July. The event will bring together key stakeholders and thought leaders over two days of engaging debates. Keynote speakers include Spain’s Commissioner for Aerospace, Miguel Bello, EVP Vestager and ESA’s Director General Josef Aschbacher. With the recently released EU Space Strategy for Security and Defence as the backdrop, this year’s forum will focus on “Strength, security, resilience – Protecting Europe’s interests in and through space”. Explore the key discussion themes and awards that await participants at this influential gathering.

The Role of Space for Security and Defence in the New EU Strategy

Enhancing Europe’s Space Ambitions

Focusing on the key pillars of security & defence, sustainability, competition, innovation, and connectivity, The European Space Forum will provide an unparalleled opportunity to address critical challenges and explore prospects that will propel Europe’s space ambitions. As Europe aims to secure its position as a strong and resilient leader in the global space market, the forum will foster an engaging environment for collaboration and strategic discourse.

Key Discussion Themes:

  • The EU Space Strategy for Security and Defence
  • IRIS² and Secure Space-Based Connectivity
  • EU and International Space Policy – Partnerships & Cooperation
  • Space Traffic Management and Space Domain Awareness
  • Space and the Green Economy
  • Space Funding and Investment in an Uncertain World
  • Skills, Innovation, Entrepreneurship – Strengthening Sovereignty in Space

The European Space Forum will feature renowned experts and industry pioneers who will share their insights, experiences, and visions for the future of space exploration and technology. By attending this prestigious event, participants will gain invaluable knowledge, forge meaningful connections, and contribute to shaping the future of the space industry.

Celebrating Excellence: The Innovation in Space Award and Sustainability in Space Award

The European Space Forum will also showcase the prestigious ‘Innovation in Space Award’ and ‘Sustainability in Space Award.’ These awards celebrate European projects and organisations that are at the forefront of innovation and sustainable developments within the space and space technology sectors. Showcasing the remarkable contributions and impacts on both the industry and society at large, the awards highlight excellence and inspire future actors within the sector.

Be Part of Shaping the Future of the Space Industry

Join us at The European Space Forum 2023, where innovation meets collaboration and Europe’s role in the global space market is shaped. To learn more about the event, our esteemed speakers, and how you can be a part of this transformative experience, visit The European Space Forum website.

Kacia Rutkoŭskaja

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