Participate Now: NSO Dutch Space Industry Survey 2022

 Participate Now: NSO Dutch Space Industry Survey 2022

The Netherlands Space Office (NSO) created a survey for the Dutch space sector. Please make sure you participate!

The opportunities for Dutch companies involved in the space-sector are growing rapidly, among others due to the better accessibility to space technology and higher availability of free-of-charge satellite data. We see an increase of activities of established space companies, but also a strong increase in start- and scale-ups, as well as spin-out activities of established companies that are increasingly using space technology for new products and/or satellite data as part of their services.

With the aim of improving the service and support to all of these companies, the Netherlands Space Office wants to get a better view on the Dutch landscape of these companies, their space-related activities and their needs. If your company is active in any activities related to the space sector, including use of satellite data in services, and are interested in being updated about possibilities of service and support from NSO, we invite you to fill in this short survey.

Fill out the survey (EN) here.
Fill out the survey (NL) here.

Also see the map of the Dutch Space Industry 2022 that we published earlier

Remco Timmermans

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