NL Space in Germany

 NL Space in Germany

The Dutch space sector had a very visible presence at the recent #SpaceTechExpoEU 2021 in Bremen, Germany, with several leading Dutch space companies and organisations sharing a beautifully designed #NLspace booth. was at the expo to meet Dutch and European partners and potential customers, but also to promote the Dutch space sector at large.

Our editors Miraslava Kazlouskaya and Remco Timmermans visited the NL Space booth to meet the Dutch space sector representatives and highlight the organisations represented, including the following:

NSO – Netherlands Space Office

The Netherlands Space Office (NSO) is the space agency of the Dutch government. NSO’s task is to advise upon and realise Dutch space policy. NSO reports, both financially and substantively, through its director to its clients, who are united in the steering group NSO. These are the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, and the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). NSO can also carry out assignments for ministries that are not part of the steering group NSO. The Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy is the coordinating Minister.

NL Space Campus

NL Space Campus is the gateway to the Dutch Space Cluster. Together with ESA’s technical heart ESTEC, the Galileo Reference Centre and the strong Dutch space cluster that includes the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus universities alliance, we are an important European Space Hub.

We connect the curious. Both online and offline, we are here to find and share new and more effective ways to go from knowledge towards the application of knowledge.


Thales Nederland B.V. has deep roots in Dutch society. First of all by means of our contribution to the safety and security of our armed forces in The Netherlands and abroad. Second through our products and services we deliver in the Transportation and (Cyber)security domains. On our export market, we contribute in an equivalent manner to safety and stability at sea.

Thales Nederland B.V. develops high-end innovative cryogenic coolers. Cryogenic coolers are mainly used in Earth Observation or Climate satellites for commercial, institutional and military customers. Our coolers also find their way in systems used for example in fighter aircraft or security systems for example in container scanners for customs applications. Our SMART-L Multi Mission radar is equipped with Space Situational Awareness functionality to enable tracking of satellites and space debris.

TNO – Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research

TNO is an independent research organisation in the Netherlands that focuses on applied science. The organisation also conducts contract research, offers specialist consulting services, and grants licences for patents and specialist software. TNO tests and certifies products and services, and issues an independent evaluation of quality. Moreover, TNO sets up new companies to market innovations.

TNO focuses on transitions or changes in nine social themes: Buildings, Infrastructure & Maritime, The Circular Economy and the Environment, Defence, Safety and Security, Energy,
Healthy living, Industry, Information & Communication Technology, Strategic Analysis & Policy, and Traffic and Transport.

Centurion (with Opt/NET and SLTN)

Copernicus is producing increasingly large data volumes that require specific Big Data technologies and Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods to analyse it and manage it. The adoption of Big Data technologies in the space industry represents a significant opportunity to innovate.

In addition, solving the big data management challenges of the integration, processing and analysis of Copernicus data with other distributed data sources from other industrial domains other than Space will open up new market avenues and strengthen European leadership in earth observation applications and technologies.

CENTURION is an European-funded project focused on addressing all these challenges.

CGI Space Data Services

Exploration of the Universe, Earth observation, communication, disaster response support, better navigation. These are important applications that space software systems have brought to us. With the growth of the number of satellite applications, their significance also increases. Space organizations are continuously looking for opportunities to make their investments valuable for our society. At the same time, they must arm themselves against the increasing number of digital threats. CGI plays a connecting role in this.

From the Netherlands, CGI is involved in Galileo, the European program for satellite navigation. We take care of the design and development of security systems, end-to-end testing and the translation into practical applications. We are also constantly working on new services in the field of Earth observation and satellite navigation. In this way we contribute to a safer society with a down to earth approach.

FSO Instruments

FSO Instruments is a new Dutch laser communication equipment provider. FSO is an industry consortium of Dutch companies committed to radically improve connectivity solutions here on Earth, and even in space. We are passionate about pushing the boundaries of technology and about looking beyond.

Our members are VDL, DEMCON and GTM-AS, with each of us contributing with unique expertise in the value chain of laser connectivity. Powered by TNO, we aim at commercialising our co-developed solutions to the worldwide market.


Envision a future where the use of composites (especially Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer) is the standard, instead of the smart alternative. By using composite material you can create products and components that are lighter, stronger and more durable than steel. Thus helping to create a world much more sustainable and safe.

Airborne Space is leading the way in the engineering and manufacturing of composite panels for satellites. Through industrialisation, digitalised automation and applying different production process technologies, we are making spacecraft components more affordable for our clients. This made Airborne market leader in the manufacturing of solar-array substrate panels in Europe. With our expertise and qualifications, we are also growing fast in the manufacturing of satellite structures – such as sandwich panels for platform and instrument structures.


SpaceNed is the trade association for the Dutch space sector. SpaceNed has about 40 members and aims to strengthen the position of the Dutch space sector and thus contribute to a dynamic and competitive sector. SpaceNed connects the Dutch space sector – both companies and knowledge institutions – to strengthen the market position of this sector.

Innovation Quarter

InnovationQuarter is the regional economic development agency for the Province of Zuid-Holland, also known as the greater Rotterdam – The Hague area. Our mission is to strengthen the regional economic structure by stimulating the innovation potential of this unique delta region. In close collaboration with all major corporations and many SME’s, educational and research institutes as well as government organisations, we align the efforts required to design a brighter tomorrow.

Province of South Holland

The province of South Holland has worldwide leading knowledge and expertise in the field of Aerospace. More than 150 aerospace companies are designing and building aircraft, drones, satellites and airport layouts. These companies provide employment and make an important contribution to major social issues, such as climate change and digitization.

An important part of the aerospace sector is the space cluster, located in the Noordwijk-Leiden-Den Haag-Delft ‘space window’. 80% of the space activities in the Netherlands take place in South Holland. The European Space Research Technology Center (ESTEC) of the European Space Agency (ESA), located in Noordwijk since 1968, is the largest ESA site and the technological heart of European space travel.

Remco Timmermans

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