Brabant Space Network: Fostering Collaboration and Innovation in the Noord-Brabant Space Community and Beyond

 Brabant Space Network: Fostering Collaboration and Innovation in the Noord-Brabant Space Community and Beyond

Brabant Space Network, a new networking initiative targeting space industry professionals and enthusiasts in Noord-Brabant, the Netherlands, celebrated the successful launch of its inaugural event last week. Intending to fuel innovation, design, and entrepreneurial spirit within the space sector, this network strives to unite individuals, businesses, and organisations in a collaborative environment, fostering the exchange of experiences, ideas, and potential partnerships. We attended the kick-off event in Eindhoven, where we had an insightful conversation with the network’s founders, Wendy Mensink (Void & Visual) and Jules Lancee (We Work in Space).

Martijn Seijger (Initiator&Board Member at dotSPACE foundation) presenting at Brabant Space Network kick-off event / Photo by Kacia Rutkoŭskaja

Fostering Collaboration and Innovation in the Space Community of Noord-Brabant

The Brabant Space Network offers a dynamic platform for the space community to connect, collaborate, and draw inspiration from the possibilities of the space industry. Through organising networking events, the initiative brings together a diverse array of professionals, entrepreneurs, students, and individuals with an interest in space technology, art, entrepreneurship, and innovation. The primary goal is to build a thriving ecosystem of space-focused businesses in the region of Noord-Brabant.

Building the Brabant Space Network: Uniting the Space Community in Noord-Brabant for Growth and Innovation

The idea for the Brabant Space Network originated during carpooling trips to space events in Noordwijk (South Holland, Netherlands). The founders of the Network, Wendy and Jules, questioned why there was a lack of space-related activities in Noord-Brabant and shared their thoughts with professionals in the space industry. Encouraged by the supportive response, they decided to take matters into their own hands and organise the network, aiming to bring the benefits of the space industry closer to the region. Noord-Brabant offers a strategic advantage for space-related activities. The region has a strong presence in the aerospace sector, with defence organisations like the Royal Netherlands Air Force with its air bases and headquarters in the province. Additionally, Noord-Brabant is known for its advancements in precision agriculture innovation, space hardware construction, biotech, and other high-tech industries. The concentration of talent and expertise makes the region an ideal hub for space-related initiatives.

Student Team ‘Aster in Space’ from the Eindhoven University of Technology and Dr Egbert Edelbroek from SpaceBorn United at the Brabant Space Network Kick-off event / Photo by Kacia Rutkoŭskaja

A Stellar Kick-Off: Uniting the Space Community and Showcasing Innovation at the Brabant Space Network Event

The kick-off event of the Brabant Space Network at the Hubble Community Café exceeded everyone’s expectations. Attendees quickly realised the value of a regional space network and were excited about expanding space-related opportunities across the Netherlands. The event featured inspiring talks from industry experts, such as Coco Antonissen (NSO – Netherlands Space Office), Petra Schoon (Cobra Groeninzicht), and Martijn Seijger (dotSPACE foundation), which left participants buzzing with ideas. The diverse audience, including professionals, students, entrepreneurs, and space enthusiasts, added to the event’s lively atmosphere.

The networking and drinks continued after showcasing examples of space businesses in Noord-Brabant. Special attention was also given to the Aster in Space student team and their mission to launch the first satellite from the Eindhoven University of Technology!

The Future of the Brabant Space Network: Expansion, Collaboration, and Regional Engagement

The Brabant Space Network has exciting plans for future activities and events within its framework. One such event is envisioned during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, providing a platform to focus on regional partnerships and sponsorships, aiming to benefit multiple parties involved. The ultimate goal is for the Brabant Space Network to expand its reach throughout the southern region of the Netherlands, with the possibility of hosting future events in other key locations within the province or collaborating with supporting space organisations.

Collaboration with other networks is highly encouraged, and the Brabant Space Network is eager to hear ideas on strengthening the (inter)national space community from various sources. Given the proximity of Noord-Brabant to Belgium and Germany, there is also potential to extend collaborative efforts across the border, broadening the network’s impact and connections.

Join the Brabant Space Network

The Brabant Space Network welcomes space professionals, entrepreneurs, students, and anyone interested in space technology, art, entrepreneurship, and innovation to join its thriving community. To stay updated on news, events, and opportunities, follow the Brabant Space Network on LinkedIn. Engage with the network by sharing your ideas and insights as the founders actively seek input to shape future events and initiatives.

Featured image: Wendy Mensink (Void & Visual) and Jules Lancee (We Work in Space) at the Brabant Space Network event. Photo by Corneel Bogaert. 

Kacia Rutkoŭskaja

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