Stef Haarler

HiTMaT 2021: Opportunties for Space Campus Noordwijk

Soon, the next HiTMaT call for proposals will be published. This yearly call stimulates and inspires consortia to come up with innovative solutions to address societal challenges. Winners from this call are granted € 25.000 by Holland High Tech to realize their ideas. The main focus within this call is the collaboration between research institutes […]Read More

Horizon Europe: What we can learn from mission-oriented space policies

Horizon Europe: What we can (and cannot) learn from mission-oriented space policies. Policies relating to space are often used as an example by innovation scholars. Due to enormous amounts of R&D in space technologies, long development times, high dependency on governments, and the high spillover effects, the space sector is emblematic for other sectors dealing […]Read More

European innovation scoreboard

The 2020 edition of the innovation scoreboard highlights that the EU’s innovation performance continues to increase at a steady pace, with growing convergence between EU countries. On average, the innovation performance of the EU has increased by 8.9% since 2012. Performance increased in 24 EU countries since 2012, with the biggest increases in Lithuania, Malta, Latvia, Portugal […]Read More