Remco Timmermans

Copernicus Eyes on Earth Roadshow Online – Replays

The dotSpace Foundation was one of the organising partners of the Copernicus Eyes on Earth Roadshow Online Edition, the fifth and last in the 2019/2020 series of roadshows. Due to the ongoing pandemic the event was changed from an in-person workshop in Croatia to an online event, combined with the EO4GEO Summit. The recordings of […]Read More

NASA’s Lunar Loo Challenge

As NASA gets ready for our arrival to the Moon, incalculable exercises to prepare, cover, and in any case bolster future space explorers are in progress. These space travelers will eat and drinking, and along these lines peeing and crapping in microgravity and lunar gravity. While space travelers are in the lodge and out of […]Read More

SCN Avatar

Space Campus Noordwijk (SCN) Avatar is the Dutch augmented and virtual reality development centre that focuses on improving space engineering processes and data visualization using immersive technologies. The Avatar is an open innovation workplace that allows its participants to jointly develop tools, services and products by providing the infrastructure, the workspace, the network and the […]Read More