Space technology transfer

Making space data manageable and comprehensive for end-users and maximising the value of unique Earth Observation data is what drives dotSPACE. By opening ‘The Groundstation’: a space data expert centre, dotSPACE became a landmark for space data use.

DotSPACE is a non-profit organisation focused on education, exploration & creation by means of remote sensing technologies. The DotSPACE foundation was set up within a ‘triple helix innovation framework’ of academia (universities), industry and government to foster economic and social development. It was founded in 2016 to respond to the growing need for innovation with remote sensing data. The initiators Martijn Seijger, Alexander Los, Joris Kruse, Valentijn Venus and Linda van Duivenbode joined forces in this foundation.

The activities of the foundation are dedicated to cluster relevant national and international players to respond to new opportunities utilizing satellite data. With an active approach in building consortia, searching for required skills, their expertise and guidance to successfully apply for Earth Observation related tenders, provides a fertile ground for companies to cooperate and share knowledge.

In the upcoming years dotSPACE plans to organise frequent master classes on the Space Campus and to continue tender desk activities and other programs to effectively stimulate new applications, new opportunities, new markets and create more jobs. Each euro invested in satellite technology represents a high return of investment, with lots of business opportunities.


Open Lab

TinkerLab serves and assists in spatial data analyis using Geographical Information Systems and remote sensing software with a coaching network

Knowledge Transfer

Sharing knowledge in collaboration with Universities, Space data Companies and European remote sensing institutes to assists in spatial data analysis


The Space sector in dialogue how space can respond to socio- economic and environmental problems, today, and in the future


Interactive experiences on the groundstation platform. Engagement with individuals, companies, knowledge organizations in our community.

What our partners say

"Bringing companies and other parties such as universities together, this tenderdesk and activation programme is an excellent instrument to join forces and achieve more together to win these European tenders. It gives us the opportunity to benefit from the assets Space Campus as a European space hub has to offer"
Esther Peters
director of Space Campus Noordwijk.
“The masterclass of dotSPACE has proved to be of great value for the province of Zuid-Holland. A dedicated group of colleagues has emerged and we now – more and more - consider Earth observation as a solution to some problems in our province. Current projects include visualising the subsidence of a road and exploring ways for measuring subsidence in rural areas. Using satellite data can help us take timely and efficient measures,”
Koen Vredebregt
province of Zuid-Holland
”This platform offers a innovative and fun way to share our knowledge of the EO opportunities at hand”
Fons Nelen
Director at Nelen & Schuurmans
”dotSPACE brought a new innovative impuls in the South Holland region”
Bert Klarus
Senior business developer at Innovation Quarter